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Mechamato (2021)

This series tells the story of a kind and creative boy named Amato, who comes across a prison spaceship housing many evil robots. One of them is MechaBot, who has the ability to mechanize everyday objects into high tech devices. Amato outsmarts MechaBot and becomes his master. The two bond together as friends over the course of the series and team up in the form of a superhero named Mechamato to locate and capture the evil robots that had escaped the fallen spacecraft

Duration: 22 minutes min




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at 1:56 pm

master… Episode 12 link dh mati


at 11:02 am

Boss, renew link userdrive untuk episode 12… tq boss…


at 4:13 pm

episode 14 bukan keluar hari ahad? sepatutnya 2 episode setiap minggu kan? aku subscribe CN tapi haritu terlepas. x pasti ada ke tak. Ke memang xda?

Alexen Kreev

at 7:16 pm

Mana ep 13?

Nur Nabilah

at 12:02 am

Can’t I see the video

    Mastar Ji

    at 8:02 am

    If u Want To Stream Just Click One Of The Eight Servers πŸ™‚


at 7:34 pm

ep 9 dan ke atas mana?

FF. Freof

at 3:17 pm

Please update episode baru bos…!


at 6:41 pm

Eps 9 tak da kah?

Alexen Kreev

at 7:31 pm

Untuk episode terbarunya tunggu sampai 26 Feb min …

Alexen Kreev

at 7:14 pm

Tunggu sampai 26 Feb min … untuk episode terbarunya..


at 3:27 am

kata 26 episod?

    Mastar Ji

    at 12:12 am

    Dekat Cartoon Network Takde Update Episode Baru lagi Boss πŸ™‚


at 9:46 am

mantap tuan..terima kasih kongsi cerita…

Nik Adam

at 8:25 pm

mana episode baru nye lamo la orang tunggu sebulan lamo nye heeeeeeee

    Mastar Ji

    at 9:29 pm

    Latest Ep8 Boss Huhu,Taktau Ada Ep Lain Lagi Atau Tak πŸ™‚


at 4:03 pm

Nak tengok full movie boboy 3


at 3:11 pm



at 9:30 pm

ep 9 & ep 10 tak ada ke?? upload min … saya dah lama menunggu ni

Kasut Terbang

at 1:44 am

mulut gerak english sound melayu. sbb apa Monsta buat camni erh?πŸ€”


at 11:24 am

episod 6 audio dia tak sync la Min

Jason eddy

at 4:18 pm

Please tambah episode mechmato